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Friday, November 4, 2016

-Do you ever act a fool in your car? Like, start talking in different accents, singing or just plain ole' acting silly? No? Oh ok. *Raises hand slowly...* I do. Try it, it's pretty fun actually, and you will end up in fits of giggles, whilst you have your neighbor in the car next to you staring at you while you're going absolutely BONKERS. Yeah I know, I'm a little crazy...but it feels good inside darnit!

-I love spending time with my Mama. She is the best! I never tire of her, and it's always an adventure with her and I. I swear, I need to make a cartoon of her, she is a character all in herself. My chonchies (affectionate Spanish nickname), my heart, my butterball. I am nothing without my Mama, my best friend, my everything. She fills me up!

-I'm so excited about starting my blog! Thank God for friends who motivate you, seriously, appreciate those special people in your life. Sigh. Sometimes you need those people to keep you grounded and balanced, because life can get you fucked up sometimes. Get into shape ya lil' whippersnapper you!

-Music. I've been listening to it more often lately than I have been. I have lost touch with a lot of who I am, or used to be. Marriage is wonderful, but it can change a lot of you, and the essence of you if you don't stay in touch with your inner being. Gotta remain focused. Anyways, back to music. I LOVE 90's R&B, it's my all time favorite era. Well, I'm an 80's baby, soooo...the good music was in the 90's for me. I love Mary J. Blige, Monica, Brandy, Keith sweat, TLC, Usher, Boyz II Men, R. Kelly, Maxwell, Janet and so on. I can groove to these all daaaay, man! Oof.

-Shopping. I love shopping, specifically for makeup and facial products. I can cause some real damage, let me tell ya! By the way, I did a little damage today at The Body Shop. I'll save that for another post! Scored some great deals and products!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

*Image credit: The little fawn

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  1. Im totally with you on looking like a fool in my car! I dont even notice til Im jamming away at the traffic lights and I notice people are looking at me, haha!


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