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Working On Me

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Wow, it's hard to believe that we are already into 2020, like, really? I remember when we hit 2k, and everybody thought the world was going to end! Good grief, I am old. We have entered a new decade, and honestly, I don't want to bullshit this year. I need to get my health in check, meaning my mind body and soul. The last 2-3 years really did a number on me, resulting in anxiety attacks that I was never ever prone nor used to. It's been scary and so very draining on my body. The mind can be a super dangerous playground, leading you to deep and dark places that you don't want to be left alone in. It leaves you feeling bereft, in it's aftermath you're left curled up in a ball with a river of tears leaving it's trail on your cheeks. Then you feel like you really are alone because you don't want to burden anyone with your problems, but in the have to let it out or you'll drown in your pain. I really am considering seeing a therapist, but I am still contemplating the idea and doing my research.

I just need to get out of this gloomy cloud, it's time for that season to end. I am ready to bloom, to be planted and strong and grow again into my normal happy carefree self. Ain't nobody got time for this depressing shit, I am SO over it! Get thee behind me satan!! My soul will be watered, nourished and filled with things and people who bring me joy, anything else will be left behind. See ya never!

My word this year is - HEALTH. Inside and out, we are working on it all hunty! Also, I want to focus on my blog, and starting my YouTube channel. I have been saying this forever and a decade...but this time I am determined. I want to create a beautiful safe haven here where we can come together and just BE. Little by little, things will fall into place, I just have to set small attainable goals.

I mean, here's to a new beginning!? Haha. Right, let's just be and think positive and speak things into existence.

Happy New Year!


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